Insurance Appraisal
Insurance Appraisal

Your insurance premiums are based on our estimated values. Our values reflect competitive & realistic replacement costs so your insurance premiums are not inflated, and still provide easy settlement in the unlikely event of a loss.

Prepurchase Verification
Prepurchase Verification

An unbiased and transparent verification of material, quality and value reassures a smart purchase at a fair price.

Quality Verification
Quality & Value Verification

Whatever your circumstance – inheritance, recently purchased – we give you all the angles and verify quality and value so you can leave knowing more and feeling confident in whatever decision lies ahead of you.

Liquidation Appraisal
Liquidation Appraisal

Before you sell, we make sure you know what you have and what it’s worth so you can recognize a fair offer and feel confident negotiating. We also provide user-friendly spreadsheets with high cash values for present and future use.

Litigation Support
Litigation Support

We offer conflict resolution to protect interests through an evaluation that is fair and accurate with support documentation. We strategize and compose questions for deposition, interrogatory and discovery related to insurance fraud, counterfeiting and price-fixing. You can find us listed with “State of NY – Unified Court System”

Post Lost Appraisal
Post Loss Appraisal

With our 37+ years of experience, we establish an accurate value of an undocumented lost or stolen item. Our hypothetical valuation is based on information supplied by the client and supported by photographs and a description of the item.

Estate Appraisal
Estate Appraisal

Accurately verify and limit your exposure to taxes. Correctly organize your property for equitable distribution. No matter the estate’s circumstance, our method of sorting and evaluating items allows for a quick turn-around and accurate valuation report.

Master Gemologist Appraiser® David Wolf is here to guide you through the entire appraisal process.

Appraisal Reports and FAQs

You receive a 12+ page report that includes:

  • Gemstone identification & grading – weights and measures are calculated

  • Precious metal content

  • Jewelry, timepiece, pearls, gemstones etc. are all described in detail

  • Photos taken from all directions

  • Photomicrographs are taken if appropriate

  • Value conclusion, intended purpose, grading methodology, definitions, limiting conditions & assumptions

  • CV signed certification in accordance with USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)


When will I receive my appraisal?

Immediately, or same day in most cases. Estates and multiple items may take longer as they require more research.

How will I receive my appraisal?

Our clients have online access to their appraisal. We have an online Appraisal Center where any of our clients may log in to access their appraisal. Clients are initially emailed a login link to view private information and download their PDF appraisal report. Once logged in: Profile and account information is customizable and your portal can be shared with your insurance agent.

What do I receive from you?

We prefer to send a PDF report because it is the greenest and most suitable document for insurance and third party use. It is certified with our Master Gemologist Appraiser® seal on top of a digital signature. If paper versions are requested, we still print. Our reports include detailed descriptions with photos. All the major components are listed separately with their grades, a condition statement and separate values. The appraisal also defines the market level, the purpose, the approach to value, the lab equipment, the grading standards and our credentials along with certification statements in accordance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

How long does the appraisal take?

Most engagement rings take approximately 1 hour whereas multiple piece appraisals can take hours, days or weeks depending on volume and purpose.

Does my jewelry ever leave my sight?

No. Your articles are photographed, cleaned and appraised in plain sight.

What are the key roles of a professional appraiser?
  1. To witness The most profound role of an appraiser is to offer an expert opinion as to the existence or non-existence of a precious object and to assess and grade the attributes and condition (prior to an acquisition or loss)

  2. To research To ascertain market conditions and variations in value

  3. To analyze The conclusion should reflect a modal value regardless of highs and lows that miss the normal tendencies. Highest and best use is a professional standard.

  4. To Report The value conclusion is best supported when the appraisal states the purpose and defines the market level. Stating the definition of value, the intended buyer and seller and the conditions of a sale each contribute to framing the argument and depicting the most relevant value.

How often do I need to update my appraisal?

Once you obtain a professional appraisal, only your insurance company or bank will ever require an update. The most common reasons are: a change of address, or an accelerated inflation cycle. We may also contact you should a valuable article significantly appreciate or depreciate. All the data of your past appraisal is securely stored to make the reappraisal process quick & cost effective.

Can you come to our Place of Residence or Bank (vault) to do the appraisal?

In-Office Laboratory

  • Our fully equipped in house laboratory has everything required to quickly and correctly analyze your item.

Mobile Laboratory

  • With a slimmed down version of our in-office laboratory we can travel to your home, office or bank vault and offer the convenience of off-site analysis.

The “Just” Advantages

1. We Must Save You Money – The appraisal process must be cost effective to the subject of value. If it isn’t, we will point you in the right direction and tell you as much as we can: what you have, where to go, what to do, who to contact.

2. We Give You Every Angle – We are here to give you an arms-length, independent and unbiased evaluation and value conclusion.

3. We Escalate – We have the equipment necessary to screen synthetics & treated gem materials. Above that, we know when to escalate your issues to the appropriate research laboratory.

4. We Find the Answers – If we don’t know something, we will tell you we don’t know and then dig. Through 37+ years of building relationships, we have the network and resources to find the answers. It is our business & pleasure to see, understand and learn new things every day.

5. Honest Expression – We are completely transparent when we communicate – it is important that we inform you of every angle. Although the truth can at times be uncomfortable, relationships built on honesty are always stronger & more satisfying. Being uncomfortable for a moment is worth being comfortable later on when making big decisions.

6. We Kindle Lines of Communication – You have 24/7 secure online access to your appraisal(s) and are able to share it. Our innovative online Appraisal Center allows you to sign in from any computer or ‘smart’ device to view/download your appraisal. With this portal you can grant your insurance agent – or any third party – access to your appraisal center.

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