Jewelry Appraisals While You Watch

Conducting our appraisals while you watch allows you to “loupe” in to how we examine your jewelry or stone and then estimate its value.

Understand Your Diamond's Value

Unparalleled thoroughness in evaluation and statistical past-to-current market analysis.

The ASA Professional is the Gold Standard

With David Wolf ASA Master Gemologist Appraiser®, we appraise with the highest form of ethics, transparency and documentation.

Gain Peace of Mind

Looking for accurate premiums? Want high-return liquidations? Should you buy, hold or sell? Whatever your circumstance we help you make the most cost-effective and beneficial decision.

What do we do?


David Wolf’s 37+ years of experience enables him to observe and analyze what other’s may not.


Our research is built on live market platforms, historical data and an expansive network of peers acquired over a 37 year career.


Relationships are most important. We are transparent and confidential with all information regarding your project or appraisal.

We are the Disaster Recovery Team for major catastrophes around the world.

JP Morgan Chase recruited and contracted us to manage the recovery process for the jewelry, watches, gemstones, coins and other personal property lost or damaged in the most major catastrophes since 2001. They left it up to us to find solutions for the people who suffered not only material but severe emotional loss. We shared one-on-one time to help the victims recover, repair and heal their losses and advise ways to protect themselves in the unfortunate case of a future loss.

World Trade Center.

Hurricane Katrina.

Super Storm Sandy.


Our team brought a strong resourceful network and skill-set for cost-effective recovery.


Together we found relief and achieved recovery goals.

The Just Appraisers Family

We don’t buy or sell diamonds, watches or jewelry, so we won’t appraise your engagement ring below market value, then offer to buy it. We won’t produce a deflated appraisal of the diamond you bought online, then try to sell you one of ours. We’re not diamond merchants, or jewelers, wholesale, retail, or otherwise. We’re Just Appraisers.

David Wolf
President – ASA MGA®, GIA GG
Lynn Wolf
Client Communications

Our services are unique to but not limited by:

  • Diamonds

  • Sapphires & Rubies

  • Antique & Vintage Jewelry

  • Fine (Antique, Contemporary) Watches

  • Pearls

  • Jade & Ivory

  • Opals

  • Cats Eye & Chrysoberyl

  • Flatware & Hollowware

  • Antiquities

  • Coins & Paper Money

  • Decorative Objects

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