We've been busy

Where did the time go and how did we get here?

David Wolf opened Just Appraisers

1998David Wolf opened Just Appraisers

After 20 years of industry experience, David's brutal honesty influenced him to start providing people with transparent evaluation, valuation & consulting services.

JP Morgan Chase x Just Appraisers

2001JP Morgan Chase x Just Appraisers

Signed contract with JP Morgan Chase to manage the recovery process for the jewelry, watches, gemstones, coins and other personal property lost or damaged in major catastrophes.

World Trade Center Recovery

2001World Trade Center Recovery

We put together a team of field experts and found solutions for the victims to recover, repair and heal their losses; recovering their personal property was important, but their emotional wellbeing was of the utmost importance to us.

Hurricane Katrina Recovery

2005Hurricane Katrina Recovery

4 years later, we headed down to New Orleans; innovated technology and infrastructure to support our recovery team and streamline sorting, recovering and (e)valuating damaged & lost personal property.

Tropical Storm Fay Recovery

2008Tropical Storm Fay Recovery

Reunited with our Catastrophic Appraisal Solutions team, we landed in Chicago to - yet again - brainstorm and execute solutions for a tricky post loss appraisal project.

Super Storm Sandy Recovery

2012Super Storm Sandy Recovery

Reconnected with our network, tools and resources sharpened over the years, we handled this post loss appraisal project with efficiency and accuracy. We brought viable valuation-research approaches along with a seamless process to streamline the work.

Just Appraisers Sedona

2018Just Appraisers Sedona

While planting roots in Sedona and building our home away from home, we opened a second office location. Our mission remains the same: To help you understand what you have and its value.

New main office

2020New main office

Our office location in Sedona is now home base! We found a new home and are grateful to have found new opportunities here.

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