3 Simple Rules Before Buying

Finding that vendor who welcomes your distrust with an independent consultation before the sale… and guarantees transparency in representation during the sale will turn your healthy skepticism into confidence and assure you of finding the right jewel. We strongly urge you to avoid vendors who are reluctant and unwilling to follow these three basic directives:

 Rule No 1. Rule No. 1

Plan on a pre-purchase appraisal to build consumer & vendor rapport.

 Rule No. 2Rule No. 2

Ascertain your vendor's written policies, receipts & posts; Must clearly state color, clarity, weight breakdowns, and all diamonds are natural & free of enhancements.

 Rule No. 3Rule No. 3

Get an immediate re-appraisal, post-purchase, to remove any doubt about condition and quality before wear.

Rule No. 2

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